Recently, we’ve really been pushing the boundaries with microcement walls. Using advanced trowel movements often used in venetian plastering, you can create a wide range of exclusive patinas. With a huge choice of textures, colours, metallics and finishes, there really is an endless combination of options available.

We’ve shown some of the options on this page, but please get in touch with your ideas and requests and we’ll be happy to show you what we else we can do.

If it’s a good old industrial concrete wall you’re after, then rest assured, you’ve come to the right place to.

Microcement can be installed seamlessly onto almost any wall, inside and out.

How much does a Microcement wall cost?

This really does vary quite a lot depending on the finish that you go for and how many square metres the wall is. We’re more than happy to provide an estimate for materials, so just get in touch with the finish that you’re after, the total number of square metres, and the location of the job so we can put you in touch with a local installer.

What can Microcement be Applied onto?

Microcement is really very versatile and can go onto almost any surface. It’s important to bear in mind though, that it is just a very thin layer that will follow the contours of the surface it’s going on to. Furthermore, any ridges in the surface will be highlighted by the trowel as it runs over them. For this reason, it is a lot easier if new walls are boarded and plastered.

Another thing to bear in mind is that it’s not easy to patch in microcement – so you need to make sure that there won’t be any further changes to the area once you start. That means boarding right down to the floor if that’s where you want the microcement to go to, and ensuring all your first fixes are in the right place and won’t be moved.

Other surfaces that you can microcement onto include paint, cement board, cement render, aquaboards, anything you can think of really!

Microcement Wall Colours

With 56 colours to choose from, you won’t be short of ideas. Check out our Colour Gallery to see the full range for yourself.

Microcement Finishes

The possibilities are endless with microcement, there’s literally so many finishes to choose from, and we’re always working with clients to develop new ones. If you have something in mind, then please get in touch with an image or explanation of what you’re trying to achieve. To help make it a little easier, we have listed our most popular finishes below.

Rustic Layering

Get a whole load of rustic farmhouse style across with this rough and ready travertine effect. We use products with thicker aggregates to build up the textures in this finish. Yes, that’s right, we quite literally lay it on thick and it works! As with all our wall finishes, no two walls are the same, in fact, no two square metres are the same.


Another wonderful relic of the industrial era. We use a special combination of microcement and powdered iron to create a textured, metallic surface, before applying a rust accelerator to speed up the rusting process of the iron in the mix. And then we wait for the reaction to take place, it’s always different and the results are always satisfyingly authentic.

Rust & Copper

We add extra depth to our rust finish by introducing powdered copper to the mix. Copper turns a wonderfully vibrant greeny blue as it oxidises, which contrasts brilliantly with the deep red hues of the rust. The colours are seamlessly integrated and always unique.

Fresco D’Art

We can take really special photographs or artwork and turn them into permanent, huge, textured microcement murals. Give us any high-resolution image in any size and we’ll effectively print it in microcement onto your wall. This incredibly stunning and personal art installation will become the talking point of any interior space.

Low Contrast

A softly blended, gently textured finish in any one of our forty colours. This finish works brilliantly alongside microcement floors or in residential settings where it serves as a subtly textured backdrop to other interior features.

High Contrast

Choose any two colours and we’ll blend them using our unique processes to get a high level of contrast. Because its hand trowelled on site, no two walls are ever the same, which means you’ll have a true one-off piece of art in your home. All our walls are sealed for long lasting durability.

Concrete Form Work

Another finish that is unique to Relentless Interiors, this time we recreate the look that you get when raw concrete is poured into a large moulds – but it’s actually not that messy at all, and can be applied onto pretty much any surface.

Timber Form Work

We took inspiration from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on this one, their latest gallery ceiling was shuttered out in timber before the concrete roof was poured, the result is a spectacular juxtaposition of natural and manmade elements and we love it, so we tried it for ourselves and it works a treat in microcement too.

Buy The UK’s Leading Microcement Wall Kit

DIY Microcement Kit for Walls

Easy to use Microcement Kit for DIY’ers. The microcement top coats are pre-mixed for ease, plus it’s completely waterproof.  Free online training course with all orders. Available in 56 colours & 3 different effects.

Professionals Microcement Kit for Walls

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