UK’s Leading Microcement Kits

Our Microcement Kits contain all the products that you need to complete a microcement install from start to finish. The kits are available in a choice of 40 colours, 3 finishes and sizes from 10m2 – 100m2.

For ease, all kits are available in multiples of 10m2, please note however this is just a guide based on average consumption & may vary, you might find that you use slightly more or less than the quantities provided. All the items in the kits can be purchased separately online or by getting in touch.

We categorise our microcement kits according to the skill level of the installer. Professionals Kits are intended for use by experienced microcement professionals. The products need mixing & sealing carefully and have a limited working time. The DIY Kits aren’t quite as strong as the professionals kit but they’re pre-mixed and waterproof so easy to work with & apply.

If you are a DIYer who is doing the microcement work for yourself, then choose Kits for DIY Projects. All DIY Kits are supported by Step by Steps, an Installation Guide and Training Videos.

If you are a tradesperson who hasn’t used microcement before you will need to spend some time familiarising yourself with the process and technique. We would recommend starting with the DIY kits unless you are prepared to spend some time watching our Training Videos for Professionals – these include a full, detailed demonstration of the required processes and techniques and are supported by Step by Steps and Installation Guides.

High Performance Kits are only intended for use by trained and experienced Microcement Installers. There are Training Videos, Step by Steps and an Installation Guide that demonstrate the processes and techniques for anyone who is looking to transition into using the High Perfermance Kits.

Microcement Kits for DIY Projects

If you are completing a DIY project in your own home then these kits are ideal for you. The DIY Kits aren’t quite as strong as the Professionals Kits but they’re pre-mixed and waterproof so easy to work with & apply. The process is very similar whichever DIY Kit you choose, however they each contain products with small differences that make them more suitable for the end use. The DIY Kit for Floors has a thicker base coat and a hard sealer where the wall kit is more focused on getting a good visual texture and smooth finish for example.

Microcement Kits for Professionals

A complete range of microcement kits for professionals that are designed to meet the specific needs of your customers at prices that allow for a respectable day rate. Each of our kits for professionals has been created to be fit for their specific purposes so that they will stand the test of time. The microcement kits for professionals are stronger than DIY kits but will require some professional tools, techniques and knowledge. Suitable for trained microcement installers or other professional tradespeople who are willing to spend some time familiarising themselves with the techniques and processes.

High Performance Kits for Professional Microcement Installers

These kits offer the highest level of performance available on the market. An incredibly solid base is constructed of advanced fibreglass mesh and superior grade 2-part epoxy resin, the combination will withstand several tonnes of forces against it meaning it will withstand the majority of settlement and joint movement. The microcement layers offer superior visual movement and strength, which are protected by a thick covering of solvent based, UV stable polyurethane sealer. Only suitable for use by experienced microcement professionals who are willing to spend time understanding the special requirements of these products. These competitively priced kits for professional microcement installers are guaranteed to give you reliable, superior results every time.