Kudos Aqua4ma Evolution Centre Waste Shower Deck Kit

Wet room shower tray deck and centre waste kit. Tested and approved for use with Microcement.   Includes Waste Kit.


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Aqua4ma Evolution shower decks and panels can be screwed to without any washers as the material self seals around the screws. Alternatively Aqua4ma decks or wall panels can be glued to solid floors and walls using flexible tile adhesive.

Recognised for their ease of fitting and reliability, Kudos Aqua4ma wet-room systems have been successfully installed in 1000s of UK homes.

The NEW Aqua4ma Evolution shower decks combine all the benefits associated with the Aqua4ma system with additional features which reflect the evolving demand for more versatile, lower-level and cost effective installations. Choose from two style options: End Waste and Central Waste, which can be finished with angled tile cuts.

• Quick and easy to install

• Easily trimmed to shape, size or to avoid joist obstruction

• Overall depth of just 25mm

• Suitable for tiles, vinyl and microcement

• Fit anywhere in the home on wooden or solid floors

• Can be fitted at joist level on wooden floors*

• Ready for tiling with no wet trades required

• Compatible with Aqua4ma floor and wall panels for a total wet-room installation

• British Made

* Decks should be fully supported by creating a false floor between joists

Individually made: each Aqua4ma Evolution shower deck is individually CNC machined from a solid block of specially formulated high density exterior grade PVC; the material is totally waterproof requiring no additional treatment.

Weld, screw or glue: Aqua4ma joints are solvent welded together with Aqua4ma solvent paste to provide a one-piece permanent waterproof barrier that is guaranteed for life. Aqua4ma Evolution shower decks and panels can be screwed to wooden floors and battens without any washers as the material self seals around the screws. Alternatively Aqua4ma decks or wall panels can be glued to solid floors and walls using flexible tile adhesive.

Trimming: Aqua4ma Evolution shower decks can easily be trimmed and shaped using a hand or circular saw.

Finishing: Once Aqua4ma Panels and Shower Decks have been fitted, the screw holes and joins between panels can be easily filled and flushed out with solvent weld. Solvent Weld will fully cure within 1 hour ready for sanding. And then you’re ready to apply microcement.

Centre waste shower deck kit consists of:

• Evolution Deck

• Stainless Steel Waste Support Plate

• 25mm x 25mm Edging Strip

• Waste Assembly

• Tile Thickness Adjustment Mouldings

• Stainless Steel Waste Grid (Polished Silver or Matt Black)

IMPORTANT NOTE ON DELIVERY: Kudos products are delivered next working day to most locations across the UK, but in some areas it will take up to 5 days.  Please contact us directly so we can let you know what the delivery lead time is in your area.

No. Packs
Kudos Aqua4ma – Deck Centre Waste 1
Kudos Waste Pack for Evolution Deck – Polished Silver or Matt Black 1

Silicone Gun
Hand or Circular Saw
Electrical Screw Driver & Screws (for fixing to wooden floors and battens)
Tile Adhesive, Mixer, Notched Trowel (for fixing to solid floors and walls)

300ml Kudos Aqua4ma Silicone Weld (1 x 300ml per 10 linear metres)

You’ll be fitting the waste and firmly fixing your shower tray in place.

For a more detailed breakdown of the steps involved, please see the installation guide and step by steps:

Kudos Aqua4ma Installation Guide

It’s always advisable to recruit a qualified plumber to complete the 1st and 2nd fix waste install.  They may also be able to fit Aqua4ma panels for you.  Alternatively a plasterer or joiner can help.

Because eliminating the chance of movement is fundemental to a successful install, it’s probably advisalbe to recruit a skilled tradesperson to complete the install of the Kudos Aqua4ma system.

As soon as your tile adhesive and solvent weld is set, you can start the microcement process.

Aqua4ma decks can be fitted to wooden floors or concrete, here’s a little more information on the processes involved:

Fitting to wooden floor at joist level
Aqua4ma Evolution shower decks can be fitted to joist level, provided that a false floor is created. The deck can then be secured to the wooden floor using screws. The existing floor level can be raised to the same level as the deck for tiling by using either Aqua4ma panels (for a fully watertight floor), or plywood.

Direct to wooden floor
Aqua4ma Evolution shower decks can be fitted directly to existing floors and secured using screws. To achieve level access, the floor needs to be raised to the level of the deck, for a fully waterproof floor we recommend using 18mm plywood & a 7mm Aqua4ma panel. Aqua4ma panels should be welded together using Aqua4ma solvent weld paste.

Fitting directly to a solid (concrete) floor
Aqua4ma Evolution decks can be fitted directly to solid (concrete) floors. Once a channel has been cut out for the waste outlet the deck can be secured to the solid floor using a flexible tile adhesive.

Weight 70 kg
Waste Colour


Deck Size (Centre Waste)

1000 x 900mm, 1200 x 1200mm, 1200 x 900mm, 1340 x 1000mm, 1400 x 900mm, 1600 x 900mm, 1800 x 900mm, 2000 x 900mm

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