Professionals Microcement Kit for 100% Waterproof Terrazzo Effect Bathroom Walls

Training & Installation Guide

You can view the installation guide for each of the products that you have by clicking on the images below. The products that you have will depend on the selection you made when you ordered the kit. The process varies between products, so make sure you check what you have before you start (see checklist).

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Getting Started

  • Introduction to Kits
  • Preparing Surfaces

1. Prime

Absorbent Substrates

  • Apply Primer 100 & Fibreglass Mesh

Non-Absorbent Substrates

  • Apply Primer TAC & Fibreglass Mesh

2. Apply Base Coats

Microne Base

  • Apply 1st Coat Microne Base
    No Colour
  • Apply 2nd Coat Microne Base
    With Colour

3. Apply Top Coats

Microne Medium with Terrazzo

4. Seal

Water Based

  • Apply 1st Coat AquaMax Pro Walls
  • Apply 2nd Coat AquaMax Pro Walls

Solvent Based

  • Apply 1st Coat MaxiPur
  • Apply 2nd Coat MaxiPur