Preparing Internal and External Corners for Microcement

We have created this video to demonstrate how to prepare internal and external corners for microcement.  Whatever surfaces you are working with, the process is very similar.  This step by step guide takes you through all of the common situations that you will face when preparing the join between 2 surfaces for microcement.

Here’s the surface prep information for internal & external corners:

There must be no voids between adjacent walls or the wall & floor. If you are fitting the boards yourself, use an adhesive sealant along the bottom edge of the boards and squash the boards down to the tray/floor. Don’t smear sealant or silicone on the surface, instead, let it ooze out and razor scrape off the excess once it is dry. Use wide, self adhesive skrim tape to bridge the internal corner.

All boards must be well glued and screwed in place. so that any chance of movement has been eliminated.

The join must be flushed out with a suitable filling compound and left to dry.

Once the filler is dry, then sand both surfaces flat and use self adhesive fibreglass corner mesh over the join.