Prep for Tile-On Boards

Cement Faced with Foam Core. Brands include: WEDI BOARDS® / JACKOBOARDS® / PROWARM® BOARDS / STS® TILES BACKER BOARD

These are not recommended for use with Microcement. They rely on the rigidity of tiles to complete the system, which means they aren’t rigid enough themselves to microcement directly on to. They are also, often held in place with large washers that make the surface uneven.

If they are already installed then you will need to complete the following extra prep to be able to Microcement onto them.

Floors / Shower Trays

Tile over the entire floor with cement boards. You will need to respect the falls in shower trays. Once cement boards are firmly glued in place, refer to “PREP FOR CEMENT BOARDS” for next steps.

Boards must be firmly glued and screwed in place, and flush with one another, ridges will highlight in the microcement. There must be no voids, even around the bottom edge. Microcement can’t be used to level surfaces/fill large voids. The surface must be completely flat. As with all surfaces, microcement will follow the contours of the substrate it is going onto.

Counter sink washers and fill joins & screw holes with MicroDur Base so that they are flush with the boards.

IMPORTANT: Leave until dry, minimum 24 hours. If the MicroDur Base isn’t completely dry, the lines & holes may ghost through the microcement and be visible in the finish.