Prep for Aqua4ma Panels

Aqua4ma Wet Room System

This is the ideal system for wet rooms and shower trays, the panels and trays are completely waterproof and rigid. And the solvent weld bonds the tongue and groove edges of the panels together very well. The solvent weld can also be used to flush joins between panels & cures within 30 minutes allowing you to sand it flat.

Please refer to Aqua4ma Installation Guide for full details of how to install.

Well Consolidated & Completely Flat
Make sure the boards are well glued and screwed in place to eliminate any chance of movement. Use Kudos Aqua4ma Solvent Weld to join the boards. Countersink screw holes and use the Solvent Weld to flush joins and screw holes so that the surface is completely flat.

Boards must be flush with one another, ridges will highlight in the microcement. There must be no voids, even around the bottom edge. Microcement can’t be used to level surfaces/fill large voids. The surface must be completely flat. As with all surfaces, microcement will follow the contours of the substrate it is going onto.

There must be no voids between adjacent walls or the wall & floor. If you are fitting the boards yourself, use the solvent weld along the bottom edge of the boards and squash the boards down to the shower tray/floor. Use wide, self adhesive skrim tape to bridge the internal corner.

All boards must be well glued and screwed in place. so that any chance of movement has been eliminated.