Choosing the Best Surfaces for Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

The great thing about microcement is that it’s incredibly versatile, it can adhere to almost anything.  However, some surfaces are mmore straightforward than others.  These are listed below, followed by a list of surfaces that you can microcement onto but need a little extra prep.

Most Straight-Forward

For bathrooms/wetroom walls, the most straight forward surfaces to microcement on are listed below.


  • Plastered or Painted Walls
  • Aqua4ma Panels


  • Concrete
  • Sand & Cement Screed
  • Self Leveller
  • Aqua4ma Panels & Shower Trays

With a Little Extra Prep

You can also microcement on any of these surfaces with a little extra prep:


  • Plaster Board
  • Cement Board
  • Tile-On Board


  • Anhydrite Screed
  • Tiles
  • Floor Grade Tounge & Groove Plywood / OSB / MDF Boards
  • Cement Board

The following surfaces, will need to be boarded over before microcement is applied:

  • Suspended Timber Floor Boards
  • Tile-On Board & Shower Trays