Choosing the Best Kit for Damp Basements

Since there is a risk of moisture getting to the underside of the microcement we’d probably recommend this kit: Professionals Kit for Outdoor Surfaces.

Because the proucts in this kit are very strong, it can only be applied to surfaces that have a minimum compressive strength of 25N/mm2 and a Tensile Strength of 1.5N/mm2.

MicroRock is waterproof both above and below, so as long the substrate is less that 10% moisture, it can be applied.

This kit is commonly used on:

  • External Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Render over Concrete Blockwork
  • Cement Board with High Performance Primer

For surfaces where there is no chance of water getting to the microcement from the underside, you can use the DIY Kit for Outdoor Surfaces.

The minimum compressive strength for this kit is 16N/mm2. The substrate must be no more than 5% moisture content when the microcement is applied.

This kit is commonly on:

  • Marine Ply
  • Cement Board
  • Concrete Render over Concrete Blockwork

As with all Microcement Kits, the following rules must be followed when preparing substrates for microcement:

  • Surfaces should be completely smooth – as if you were going to paint onto them.
  • Surfaces should be well consolidated, so that any chance of movement is eliminated.

Because the surfaces need to be completely flat before microcement is applied, we wouldn’t recommend going directly onto concrete blockwork, it would be better if the blockwork is flushed out with a concrete render first.