Professionals Floor Strengthening Kit

The ultimate belt and braces prep kit for joist, boarded and problem floors at £10 per m2.

£150 incl. VAT

No. m2

All our products are supplied in multiples of 10, so you’ll need to round up to the nearest 10m2 if it's somewhere in between.

  • No. m2

    All our products are supplied in multiples of 10, so you’ll need to round up to the nearest 10m2 if it's somewhere in between.

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With our extensive installation experience, which we’re happy to share and Cemher’s extensive product range, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to taking on microcement jobs from this day forward.

Cemher’s parent company, Kilnher, have a long history of producing microcement products, which they supply as white label to almost all of the familiar microcement brands on the market. Their familiarity with the competition puts them in a unique position to develop a game-changing range of microcements.

Refreshingly, Cemher don’t adhere to the “one size fits all” approach that many of the microcement brands have adopted. Instead they have developed a number of different products to suit specific scenarios. These include; microcement for large floors and high traffic areas, the strongest microcement in the world, MicroRock, waterproof microcements for wet areas and at long last, a sealer that you can be confident in using to meet the specific demands of worktops.

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We know that there’s a lot to take in at first – microcement itself is quite an involved process and the Cemher range is larger than most.  

So don’t muddle through on your own.  Whether you need an estimate, technical advice, help choosing products, or just want to touch base, we are ready and waiting for your call. 

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This Kit offers a belt and braces solution for boarded or cracked floors. It is your best chance at eliminating the transfer of movement in concrete floors (e.g. cracks that develop after microcement has been laid) and from movement in the joins between composite timber and cement boarded floors being transferred through from the substrate to the microcement.  The chance of movement must still be eliminated in advance.

Our epoxy primer, with high solids content, ImpriPox will bond the High Performance Fibre Glass Mesh to your substrate adding strength to the substrate and creating a strong, impenetrable base for your microcement.

It will also ensure a uniform drying rate across the microcement surface and block stains in the sub-floor transferring through to you microcement.

Quartz sand is included in the kit. This will be used to “sand blind” the epoxy in order to give it a key.

You will find a step by step which is specific to this kit and an installation guide in your delivery.

Consumption for 10m2
Fibreglass Mesh THICK 10m2
Quartz Sand 1-1.5mm 20kg
ImpriPox 5l
ImpriPox Hardener 2l

Bi-Flex Steel Trowel
Microcement Mixer Head & Drill

Clean Mixing Bucket
Measuring Jug
Weighing Scales
40/80 & 220/240 Grit
Fabric Scissors

To ensure the best price and freshest products, this kit is only available in 25m2 batches – we can’t offer different amounts at present.  However you can by all the products individually so get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Microcement is a cement-based render that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces to give a seamless, durable finish with an appearance that is similar to polished concrete. It is applied in four very thin coats giving a finished depth of just 3-4mm – and can be done by homeowners with the help of a DIY kit and some basic guidance.

It can be used to completely transform the look of existing surfaces (including plaster board, composite timber and painted walls) or as an alternative to tiles and other finishes across floors, walls, wet rooms or worktops. Because microcement is applied to surfaces in situ, it can be applied seamlessly without the need for joins or grout lines – making it easier to keep clean.

You’ll be using a trowel to apply a coat of ImpriPox over the mesh and then scattering it with sand to give it a key. Click below to view the step by step which shows the breakdown of tasks:

Step by Step Installation Guide

Once you’ve purchased the kit, you’ll receive access to a thorough online training and installation guide which includes a more detailed step by step guide to the complete installation of this kit.

We wouldn’t normally recommend that you use the High Performance Kits without some experience or training.  Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and we will advise how we can help you transition into using these products.

You can microcement onto almost any surface as long as it is smooth and free from movement. You may need to prepare the surface for microcement before you start.

Some of the more common surfaces that you can microcement onto, are listed here:

Cement Board, Composite Timber Boards, Plaster Boards, Painted Walls, Plastered Walls, Concretes, Screeds, Self Leveller, Tiles, Plastics, Metals, Marble.

Our installation guide includes a detailed explanation on how to prepare a wide range of common surfaces for microcement:

Microcement Installation Guide for High Performance Floors

Weight 65 kg
No. m2

10m2, 20m2, 30m2, 40m2, 50m2, 60m2, 70m2, 80m2, 90m2, 100m2

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