Professionals Crackle Effect Microcement Kit for Walls

Create strong, flexible crackle effect feature walls

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    We can't wait for you to see our new and improved Cemher 2.0 colours, including 18 beautiful new colours exclusively available from Relentless Microcement. 2.0 Colours may vary when compared to the original swatches & mixes.  Colours can also vary quite dramatically from screen to screen. To make sure you’ve found the right colour for your project, we’d highly recommend that you get a colour swatch before choosing a colour.

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    This refers to the sheen of the sealer coat.  Choose the one you prefer. And don't worry they all perform equally well.

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    Choose between some of the highest quality microcement sealers on the market: Water based, AquaMax Extreme, Solvent based, MaxiPur and the incredible new Polyshield.

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    All our products are supplied in multiples of 10, so you’ll need to round up to the nearest 10m2 if it's somewhere in between.

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With our extensive installation experience, which we’re happy to share and Cemher’s extensive product range, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to taking on microcement jobs from this day forward.

Cemher’s parent company, Kilnher, have a long history of producing microcement products, which they supply as white label to almost all of the familiar microcement brands on the market. Their familiarity with the competition puts them in a unique position to develop a game-changing range of microcements.

Refreshingly, Cemher don’t adhere to the “one size fits all” approach that many of the microcement brands have adopted. Instead they have developed a number of different products to suit specific scenarios. These include; a levelling microcement for large floors and high traffic areas, the strongest microcement in the world, MicroRock, waterproof microcements for wet areas and at long last, a sealer that you can be confident in using to meet the specific demands of worktops.

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Full microcement kit for completing a crackle effect microcement wall to a professional standard.

Contains everything a professional microcement installer will need to complete a microcement wall with a crackled finish.

You’ll apply Craquecem Primer directly onto a plastered or painted wall.  This is a special primer that works with the Craquecem top coat to create a crackle effect in the microcement.  After around 1 hour, you’ll apply the Craquecem with a trowel and then wait for it to crack.

Once the cracking has taken place, you’ll be sealing it with AquaMax Dur – this is a 2 part polyurethane sealer which can be rolled on with a microfibre roller. It’s particularly easy to apply and will finish your work off nicely, whether you go for matt, satin or gloss.

All the colours are accurately weighed out for you so all you have to do is add them to the mix.

You will be supplied with a step by step which is specific to this kit and an installation guide.

This kit is intended for use on a plastered or painted wall, so does not include fibreglass mesh or base coat.

Consumption per 10m2
Craquecem 5kg 2
Craquecem Primer 1l 3
AquaMax Dur 1l 1
AquaMax Dur HARDENER 200ml 1
Premixed Colours – Weighed Out for 10kg Top Coat 1

Bi-Flex Steel Trowel
Microcement Mixer Head & Drill
Clean Mixing Bucket
Measuring Jug
Weighing Scales
40/80 & 220/240 Grit
Medium Pile Roller & Tray

With 40 colours to choose from, it’s worth taking some time to make sure you have chosen the right colour.

We’ve tried to represent the colour as accurately as possible by providing images of each colour and an image of it in situ. You can view large versions of the swatches and images on Colour Options. Please be aware, however that colours can vary quite dramatically from screen to screen. So to make sure you’ve found the right colour for your project, we’d highly recommend that you buy a Colour Swatch or Swatch Book so that you can see it for yourself.

It’s also a good idea to take it into the room and place it against the wall and floor to see how the colour is affected by the light in the room. As with paints, different lighting can give a very different impression of the colour.

All the products are made up in batches of 10m2. So we can give you a different colour for each 10m2 but we won’t be able to break them down any further than that. If you would more than 1 colour and can split them into 10m2, then just select one of the colours and leave us a note at the checkout to tell us which other colour you would like and how many m2 of each.

If you require more than one colour but not in 10m2 batches, then you can choose one of the colours for your kit and buy the second colour separately. You will then need to weigh the colours out for yourself – you can work out how much colour to weigh for each 1kg of product by dividing the no. grams colour per 10kg by 10. The no. grams per 10kg will be shown on the colour pigment bottle. It’s important that colours are weighed accurately using scales that go down to 0.01g, failure to do so will result in colour variation across batches.

If you need more than 40m2, then please get in touch and we will work out the cheapest price for you.

All our products are supplied in multiples of 10, so you’ll need to round up to the nearest 10m2. Unfortunately we can’t supply kits in different quantities as it would mean opening the tubs which would reduce their shelf life.

Microcement is a cement-based render that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces to give a seamless, durable finish with an appearance that is similar to polished concrete. It is applied in four very thin coats giving a finished depth of just 3-4mm – and can be done by homeowners with the help of a DIY kit and some basic guidance.

It can be used to completely transform the look of existing surfaces (including plaster board, composite timber and painted walls) or as an alternative to tiles and other finishes across floors, walls, wet rooms or worktops. Because microcement is applied to surfaces in situ, it can be applied seamlessly without the need for joins or grout lines – making it easier to keep clean.

You’ll be using a trowel to apply 2 coats of microcement one after the other onto your surface. The surface will need priming and meshing beforehand and sealing once it has had time to dry.

For a more detailed breakdown of the steps involved, please see the installation guide and step by steps:

Professionals Microcement Kit for Crackle Effect Walls Step by Step

If you are completing a DIY project in your own home then we would suggest you start with one of the DIY Kits. The DIY Kits aren’t quite as strong as the Professionals Kits but they’re pre-mixed and waterproof so easy to work with & apply.

Tradespeople, including plasterers, who haven’t used microcement before will need to spend some time familiarising themselves with the processes and techniques to achieve professional results. And we would recommend starting with the DIY kits.

There are two things that you/they will need to bear in mind to complete a microcement install successfully:

1. Process – familiarise yourself with the process in advance, don’t skip any steps and respect the drying times.

2. Technique – use the grain as a level, go as tight as you can with each coat, complete an area using small random trowel movements, then blend it into the previous section, removing any excess as you do so.

The process is very similar whichever kit you choose, however they each contain products with small differences that make them more suitable for the end use. The Professionals Kit for Floors has a thicker base coat and a hard sealer where the wall kit is more focused on getting a good visual texture and smooth finish for example.

You’ll need to leave it 48 hours once the last sealer has been applied to give it time to harden. And then ensure light use only for the first 14 days.

Like all cementitious products, microcement takes 28 days to fully harden. Any heavy work is not recommended, but if it does take place then we recommend that you cover the microcement with a breathable material or only cover down whilst working and lift the protection off for the majority of the time.

You can microcement onto almost any surface as long as it is smooth and free from movement. You may need to prepare the surface for microcement before you start.

Some of the more common surfaces that you can microcement onto, are listed here:

Cement Board, Composite Timber Boards, Plaster Boards, Painted Walls, Plastered Walls, Concretes, Screeds, Self Leveller, Tiles, Plastics, Metals, Marble.

Plastered walls are the best option for applying microcement onto. If installed correctly, they should be free from movement and completely smooth.

Our installation guide includes a detailed explanation on how to prepare a wide range of common surfaces for microcement:

Microcement Installation Guide

Yes, all the products in this kit are fire retardant, so can be used on fireplaces and around log burning stoves.  However direct contact with open flames should be avoided.

This isn’t the best kit for using in wet rooms, whilst some professional installers do choose to use it in wet areas, it will be completely dependent on the sealer so generally we would recommend the Professionals Microcement Kit for Wet Rooms instead, which contains a waterproof microcement.

Microcement surfaces can be cleaned with any pH neutral cleaning products.

Do not clean microcement surfaces with aggressive or descaling products, such as those which contain chlorine, bleach and ammonia as they can damage the sealers.

Use Cemher Floor Protect every 2 -3 months to protect you microcement and to help build up the sealers.


Gloss, Matt, Satin


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