Premium quality primers and sealers designed specifically for use with the Cemher Microcement system.  Choose Primer 100 for absorbent surfaces and Primer TAC for non-absorbent surfaces.

Aquamax is one of the strongest, most resilient polyurethane sealers available in the UK right now.  Some mortars need pre-sealing with HydroPrimer before Aquamax is applied.

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  • Cemher Primer TAC

  • Cemher Primer 100

  • Cemher ImpriPox and Hardener

  • Cemher HydroPrimer

  • Cemher AquaMax Dur and Hardener

  • Cemher AquaMax Extreme and Hardener

  • Cemher MaxiPur 50 and Hardener

  • Cemher Floor Protect 5l

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