Oxidised Copper and Bronze Kit for Walls

Everything you need to complete a authentic bronze verdigris wall.  Some professional tools and techniques are required for superior results.


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With our extensive installation experience, which we’re happy to share and Cemher’s extensive product range, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to taking on microcement jobs from this day forward.

Cemher’s parent company, Kilnher, have a long history of producing microcement products, which they supply as white label to almost all of the familiar microcement brands on the market. Their familiarity with the competition puts them in a unique position to develop a game-changing range of microcements.

Refreshingly, Cemher don’t adhere to the “one size fits all” approach that many of the microcement brands have adopted. Instead they have developed a number of different products to suit specific scenarios. These include; a levelling microcement for large floors and high traffic areas, the strongest microcement in the world, MicroRock, waterproof microcements for wet areas and at long last, a sealer that you can be confident in using to meet the specific demands of worktops.


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Oxidised Copper / Bronze Kit

Bronze gently oxidises into the most wonderful verdegris tones reminisent of outdoor sculptures. Whilst oxidising Copper acheives some stunningly bright vibrant hues.

This kit has all the products you need to achieve an authentic look for yourself in a fraction of the time that it would take to oxidise naturally.

Just mix up the resin with the powdered copper or bronze to form a paste and trowel it on. Once it’s dried, spray or sponge the Activator on to the surface and leave it to react.

Once you’re happy with the level of oxidation, you can seal it with the Sealer – which prevents further oxidation from taking place.

Pro tip: use MicroDur Base to add texture before applying the rust. Rub over the surface with a high grit sand paper to reveal shiny metallic highlights.

For floors and wet areas, use aquamax sealers to add strength and prevent water damage.

Kit Includes:
• Primer 100
• Powdered Copper / Bronze
• Resin
• Oxidation Activator
• Sealer
• Step by Step Instructions

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