DIY Microcement Kit for High Stucco Floors & Worktops

Easy to use Microcement Kit for DIY’ers. The microcement surface coat is pre-mixed with colour and resin for added ease. Step-by-step instructions included. More colours available, see all colour options. For colours not listed below, select “other” and tell us the colour at checkout.



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Traditionally, waterproof microcements, due to the waterproof products they contain, tend to become quite uniform. This game-changing new product from Cemher has been developed to give a high stucco effect. It’s just as easy to apply and has all the waterproof properties that you get with Microne, but with a high visual effect.

All the materials a DIY’er needs to install a premium finished high stucco microcement floor or worktop.

Easy to follow step by step & installation guide included with every kit.

The microcement and resin for the finishing coats are already mixed so all you need to do is stir in the colour and start trowelling.  It’ll last for as long as 3 weeks with the lid on so you can take your time getting the finish that you want.

And because it’s waterproof you won’t have any problems with staining. You only need to give it a quick seal at the end to give it a nice finish and prevent scuffs.

The kit contains a medium grain top coat, which means its non-slip and strong enough for every day use on floors and worktops.

To give the system extra strength and durability, we have included MicroDur Base as a base coat.  You will need to mix this on site with water & colour.  Once mixed it’ll last for around 3 hours.

Microcement is a brilliantly versatile material that can be used to create seamless, durable walls, floors, wet areas, worktops and furniture.
The end result is seamless, flexible, high stucco surface.

Suitable for use on: Concrete, Screeds, Self Leveller, Timber Composites, Plaster, Plaster Boards, Painted Walls, Existing Tiles.
Surfaces should be flushed out and level with no gaps and no chance of movement before microcement is applied.

Kit Includes:

• Fibre Glass Mesh
• Cemher Primer 100 (for absorbent surfaces like plaster, plasterboard, concrete, screeds, timber compostites) OR Cemher Primer TAC (for non absorbent surfaces like tiles, granite, laminate)
• Cemher Microdur Base
• Cemher Microne Effect Medium
• Cemher Aquamax Dur + Hardener
• Concentrated Colour for Base & Top Coats
• Step by Step Instructions

What’s the difference between the DIY & Professionals Kits?

Our professionals kits are intended for use by experienced microcement professionals. The floors & walls kits need mixing & sealing carefully, these are the kits that you can get the highest stucco effect with.
The professionals worktop & wet room kit is waterproof & needs to be mixed with a hardener so has a limited pot life of around 45 minutes to 1 hour.  It also requires some advanced techniques to get a high stucco effect. The DIY kit isn’t quite as strong as the professionals kit but it’s pre-mixed & waterproof so easy to work with & apply. The DIY Kit also gives a low stucco effect, cloudy textures can be acheived using advance techniques.

Should I choose Absorbent or Non Absorbent?

These terms refer to the surface (or substrate) that you’re going onto, tiles & marble are Non Absorbent, where plaster, concrete, timber composite are Absorbent.

How can I make sure I’m getting the right Colour?

Because colours on screens can vary massively from one computer to another, we’d always recommend that you buy a colour swatch before choosing a microcement colour. Microcement does contain natural minerals however so colours & textures may vary slightly between batches & products lines. The best way to be sure you are happy with the colour is to do a small sample before you start – and then wet it to get an idea of the colour it will go when it’s been sealed.

Is Microcement Strong?

Microcement is very strong, but it’s only ever as strong as the substrate that it is going onto.   Take your time to ensure the surface is well consolidated and prepared adequately for microcement, visit our Surface Preperation Guidelines more information on surface preparation and after care. The compressive strength of microcement is very high, but only if each of the coats are no thicker than the grain within it.  Trowel each coat as tightly as possible to get the benefit of the high compressive strength.

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