At Relentless Microcement, we understand that the quality of our products depends on the quality of the microcement we offer. That’s why we exclusively partner with Cemher, the world renowned microcement brand that we trust and rely on for all our microcement products.

Cemher’s reputation for premium microcement products and dedication to innovative new products has seen them grow rapidly to become one of the leading microcement manufacturers, globally.  Based in Valencia, Spain, they work with a carefully chosen group of international distributors who share their vision.

Our longstanding relationship with Cemher means that we are the only UK distributor of their exceptional microcements, providing our customers with exclusive access to their high-quality products. Cemher places their trust in us to deliver microcement solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


With Cemher’s innovative technology and Relentless’ commitment to outstanding customer service, we can offer a complete end to end solution of the highest standards. Our partnership with Cemher guarantees that we can offer you superior quality microcement that is not available anywhere else.

Cemher Microcement offers a wide range of high-quality microcement products that are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of different surfaces, such as walls, floors, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. This ensures that you can choose the right product for your project, whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast.

Cemher Microcement utilises an advanced formulation and state of the art production methods. Cemher Microcement is made with top-quality components, including additives, quartz, resins, and cement, ensuring that the final product is durable, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and tear.


Cemher also employs the latest technology to ensure that its microcement products meet the strictest quality standards, giving you the confidence that you’re working with a premium product.

Cemher Microcement is also known for its versatility. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including floors, walls, furniture, and even swimming pools and hot tubs, giving you the freedom to create a seamless, modern look in any space. And with a range of customisable options, including colours, finishes, and effects, you can achieve a look that is truly unique to your project.

Their dedication to product development means there always something new and improved in the pipeline for us to introduce to the UK market. We know that they’re always one step ahead of the competition. And you can trust that you’re getting the most up to date microcement on the market.

We chose Cemher Microcement for its top-quality products that are designed to meet the specific needs of a range of surfaces, providing durability, versatility, and an exceptional finish. We highly recommend that you do too.