Cemher MaxiPur 50 and Hardener 4l+2l

2 Part solvent based polyurethane sealer. Unprecedented strength and stain resistance.  High abrasion and water resistance.  Applied with a roller in 2 coats. Choose between matt, satin or gloss.

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• Two component solvent-based polyurethane sealer for micrcocement
• Unprecedented levels of abrasion resistance
• Unrivalled water resistance
• Excellent coverage
• Unaltered by bleach, hydrochloric acid or vinegar
• Zero absorption of wine, coffee or oil
• Apply 2 x coats, 12 hours apart
• Surfaces must be pre-sealed with 2 x coats of hydroprimer
• Suitable for use interior or exterior use
• Masks and good ventilation required for installation

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