Casting DecoLevel

Follow the directions below to mix and pour the DecoLevel into your mould.

You will need a mould, plus a clean mixing bucket and measuring jug.

Prepare the Mould

You will need a clean, water tight mould to pour your concrete casting mix into.

To help the concrete to release from your mould a little easier, you can coat it in vegetable oil.

Mixing the DecoLevel

Measure out 4.5l-4.7l water into a mixing bucket and add the colour to the water.  Use the water to rinse all of the colour out of the bottle.

Then add 20kg of DecoLevel to the water.  Mixing all the time to ensure there are no lumps in the mix.

Let the mixture rest for a few minutes before applying.

Pouring the DecoLevel

Gently pour the DecoLevel into your mould until it is completely full.  You can use an orbital sand on the sides of the mould to vibrate any trapped air up to the surface.

Leave to Dry

Leave for at least 48 hours. Light use only for the first 14 days.

IMPORTANT: Like all cementitious products, microcement takes 28 days to full harden. It’s at it’s softest for the first 14 days after laying. During this time it should only be subjected to light use and light foot traffic.