Applying Primer TAC & Fibreglass Mesh

Follow the directions below to apply Primer TAC & Fibreglass Mesh to you substrate to prepare and strengthen it for Microcement.

The standard consumption for Primer TAC is 1l per 10m2. It will take around 1 hour to dry and will not loose it’s tack, so there is no limit on length of time before applying the base coat.

You will need a knife to cut the mesh and a medium pile roller & tray to apply the Primer and spiked shoes to walk on it.

Choose Primer TAC for Non-Absorbent Surfaces

Make sure you have choosen the right primer for the surface or “substrate” that you will be applying the microcement to.

Choose Primer TAC for non-absorbent surfaces like Tiles, Plastics, Metals and  Waterproof Tanking.

Surface Prep

Before you prime and mesh it’s essential that your surface is completely flat, dry and well-consolidated, so that there is no chance of movement.  See surface prep for full details of preparing the specific surface you are laying microcement onto.

Applying Primer TAC & Fibreglass Mesh

Fibreglass mesh adds strength to your microcement and helps to bridge the gaps between joins in the substrate. It is essential that you use it across joins in your substrate. Cut the mesh to size & then flip it over so that it curls towards the surface. You might find it easier to use self-adhesive fibreglass mesh over internal corners.

Use a medium pile roller to apply an even coat of primer to the surface and mesh. The primer should help to hold the mesh in place, but you can also use stainless steel staples to secure it.

Leave to Dry

Leave the primer to dry. This should take around 1 hour. Primer TAC won’t loose it’s tack so there’s no maximum time limit for you to apply the next coat.

Wear Spiked Shoes

Primer TAC is very taccy, so you will need to use spiked shoes to walk on it.

When to Choose High Performance Primer

We highly recommend that you choose this option if you are working on a horizontal surface that has joins (e.g. tiles) or a lot of cracks. This primer also helps to inhibit moisture and stains from transfering through from your substrate, so it will help to prevent grout lines from ghosting through to the surface.

If you think you need High Performance Primer but haven’t got it in your kit, the products are also available in our floor strengthening kit.