Applying Microne Medium with Terrazzo

Follow the directions below to apply the Microne Medium with Terrazzo.

The standard consumption for Microne Medium with Terrazzo is 10kg for 10m2, one coat.  Expected drying time for Microne Medium is 12 hours. The pot life of Microne is unlimited, so you can take your time applying it.

Mix 10kg Microne thoroughly.  And then gently mix in the Terrazzo Flakes.

You will need a microcement mixer and a flexible trowel.

Mixing the Microne Medium with Terrazzo Flakes

You will need 20kg of Microne Medium with Terrazzo to complete 1 coat over 10m2.

Then add 1kg Terrazzo Flakes to 10kg Microne Medium & mix gently on a slow speed.  Take care not to mix too aggressively as this could cause theTerrazzo to break down.

Applying the Microne Medium with Terrazzo

Use a Microcement Trowel and hold hold it quite flat to the surface. Don’t put as much pressure on as you did with the base coats to avoid crushing the flakes.

Gently spread the terrazzo across the area so that you have full coverage.

Leave to Dry

Leave the Microcement to dry.  This should take around 12 hours.  Drying times do vary depending on temperature and ventilation.