Applying MicroDur Medium with Natural Terrazzo

Follow the directions below to apply the MicroDur Medium with Natural Terrazzo.

The standard consumption for MicroDur Medium with Natural Terrazzo is 10kg for 10m2, one coat.  Expected drying time for MicroDur Medium is 3 hour and there is no limit on how long you can leave it between coats.  The pot life of MicroDur is 1-3 hours, so it’s best to mix it in batches.

Mix 10kg MicroDur Medium with 2.5-3l Water and 1kg Natural Terrazzo.

You will need a microcement mixer and a flexible trowel.

Mixing the 1st Coat MicroDur Medium with Natural Terrazzo

You will need 10kg of MicroDur Medium with Terrazzo to complete 1 coats over 10m2.

To mix 1 x 10kg batch, measure 2.5l – 3.0l Water using a measuring jug.

Pour the Water into your mixing bucket, and mix in the Colour for 10kg MicroDur Medium.

Use the Water to rinse out all of the colour from the bottle.

Add 10kg MicroDur, Natural Terrazzo and mix thoroughly.

Applying the 1st Coat MicroDur Medium with Natural Terrazzo

Use a Microcement Trowel and hold hold it quite flat to the surface. Don’t put as much pressure on as you did with the base coats to avoid crushing the flakes.

Gently spread the terrazzo across the area so that you have full coverage.

Leave to Dry

Leave the Microcement to dry.  This should take around 3 hours hours.  Drying times do vary depending on temperature and ventilation.

Mix & Apply 2nd Coat MicroDur Medium

Mix & apply this coat in exactly the same way that you applied the 1st one.

Leave to Dry

The microcement needs to be fully dry before sealer is applied. If not the microcement will not reach full hardness and could de-laminate.

Moisture content should be less than 5% before sealer is applied.

The timings below are for guidance only, your microcement may take longer to dry depending on temperature and humidity.

Leave MicroDur to dry for at least 24 hours.

Sand with 40, 80 & 120 Grit Silicone Carbide Sand Paper

Sand with 40 grit sand paper to reveal the terrazzo effect in the microcement.  This will be a lot easier with an orbital sander than by hand.

Once you have revealed a good, even spread of terrazzo, move onto the 80 grit sand paper and give the whole area another sand.

Finally, use a 120 grit sand paper to tidy up your wark and close in the pours.

Vacuum the surface to remove all dust and debris. Do not wet the microcement.

We stock a range of Microcement Sanding Discs on our website.