Applying ImpriPox High Performance Primer & Fibreglass Mesh

The Primer in this kit is a 2 component epoxy primer called ImpriPox. Follow the directions below to apply ImpriPox, Fibreglass Mesh to you substrate to prepare and strengthen it for MicroRock.

The standard consumption for ImpriPox is 2l per 10m2.  The mix ratio of ImpriPox to ImpriPox Hardener is 5:2 or 2l:800ml.  The expected drying time is 12 hours, this may vary depending on external conditions & depth.

Introduction to ImpriPox & Mesh

ImpriPox is a 2 part epoxy primer that will bond the Fibreglass Mesh to your substrate adding strength to the substrate and creating a strong, impenetrable base for your microcement.

It will also ensure a uniform drying rate across the microcement surface and block stains in the substrate transferring through to you microcement.

It is particularly good at stopping small cracks in concrete floors and joins between boards being transferred through from the substrate to the microcement. The chance of movement must still be eliminated in advance.

Tools you’ll Need

You will need a knife to cut the mesh, weighing scales, a mixing bucket and a Squeegee Trowel to apply the Primer plus PPE suitable for working with Epoxies.

Prepare the Mesh

Cut the mesh to size & then flip it over so that it curls towards the surface. If you are microcementing over both the walls and floor, you can use Self-Adhesive Fibreglass Mesh around the perimeter of the room to bridge the join between the wall and floor, followed by Fibreglass Mesh for Floors right up to the edge.  This will ensure you get a strong bond across both surfaces.

Mix the ImpriPox

Mix the ImpriPox with ImpriPox Hardener in a mixing bucket and stir gently with a paint stirrer or Microcement Mixer on a low speed for a few minutes.

The Mix Ratio is 5 x ImpriPox : 2 x ImpriPox Hardener

For every 10m2 you’ll need 2l ImpriPox : 800ml ImpriPox Hardener

This mixture will cover around 10m2 when trowelled over the mesh. If you use less than the full containers then weigh it carefully to ensure the ratio is accurate.

You will have a working time of around 1 hour once the ImpriPox has been mixed with the hardener.

Applying the ImpriPox

Use the Squeegee to apply an even coat of ImpriPox over the surface and mesh. You’ll need to ensure you have completely filled any voids in the sub-floor (e.g. grout lines, joins and screw holes) and also completely covered the mesh.

Leave to Dry

Leave to dry. This should take around 12 hours depending on temperature and ventilation.