Applying ImpriPox High Performance Primer & Heavy Duty Fibreglass Mesh

The Primer in this kit is a 2 component epoxy primer called ImpriPox. Follow the directions below to apply ImpriPox, Fibreglass Mesh & Quartz Sand to your substrate to prepare and strengthen it for Microcement.

Because the mesh is quite thick, you’ll need plenty of ImpriPox to cover it. So we have included 10l ImpriPox + 4l Comp B .  The mix ratio of ImpriPox to ImpriPox Hardener is 5:2 or 2l:800ml.  The expected drying time is 12 hours, this may vary depending on external conditions & depth.

You will need fabric scissors to cut the heavy duty mesh.

Introduction Heavy Duty Floor Strengthening Products

ImpriPox is a 2 part epoxy primer that will bond the Fibreglass Mesh to your substrate adding strength to the substrate and creating a strong, impenetrable base for your microcement.

Unlike our other meshes, the fibreglass mesh in this kit is uncoated, so that when the ImpriPox is poured over it, it penetrates into the fibres making an incredibly strong fibreglass base layer for your microcement.

Because it’s uncoated, it isn’t as tidy to work with as the standard mesh to work with.  You’ll definitely need some fabric scissors to cut it and a squeegee trowel on a pole to apply the ImpriPox over it.

We recommend this system for problem floors where there are concerns over movement, particularly where the floor has been overboarded and options for strengthening the floor by other means are limited.  We can’t guarantee it will stop all movement in all circumstances, but it’s by far the strongest solution we’ve ever known!

Tools you’ll Need

You will need fabric scissors to cut the mesh, weighing scales, a mixing bucket and a trowel to apply the Primer plus PPE suitable for working with Epoxies.

Prepare the Mesh

Cut the mesh to size & lay it out on the floor.  Do not overlap the mesh.  And make sure you mesh over any joins in the surface.

If it’s feasible, use stainless steel staples to hold the mesh to the floor, this will really help you to keep the mesh flat.

You can use Self-Adhesive Fibreglass Mesh around the perimeter of the room to bridge the join between the wall and floor, followed by High Performance Fibreglass Mesh right up to the edge.  This will ensure you get a strong bond across both surfaces.

Mix the ImpriPox

Mix the ImpriPox with ImpriPox Hardener in a mixing bucket and stir gently with a paint stirrer or Microcement Mixer on a low speed for a few minutes.

The Mix Ratio is 5 x ImpriPox : 2 x ImpriPox Hardener

For every 10m2 you’ll need 2l ImpriPox : 800ml ImpriPox Hardener

Applying the ImpriPox

Pour some of the ImpriPox along the width of the room. Very gently with the squeegee trowel work the ImpriPox down the length of the mesh, taking care not to let the mesh bunch up.

It will dry very hard, so it’s best to get it as flat & even as possible whilst it’s still wet.

Applying Quartz Sand

Whilst the AquaSell/ImpriPox is still wet, spread the quartz sand across the surface. You can scatter it by hand, starting at the entrance to the room and walking on the sand into the room. Or by walking on the ImpriPox with spiked shoes.

For larger areas, you may need a 2nd person spreading the sand as the 1st person trowels on the AquaSell/ImpriPox.

Leave to Dry

Leave to dry. This should take around 12 hours depending on temperature and ventilation.

Sand & Vacuum Loose Sand

Once dry, run an orbital sander or floor sander over the surface to ensure it is completely flat.  Then vacuum off the loose sand.