Applying HydroPrimer & MaxiPur

For porous microcements like MicroDur + Water, you need to prepare the surface with 2 coats HydroPrimer before applying MaxiPur.

Follow the directions below to apply both the HydroPrimer & MaxiPur.

HydroPrimer is a single component product.

MaxiPur is a 2-Part product. Once mixed with the Comp B, you will have 45 minute working time.

Standard consumption for MaxiPur is 1l Comp A + 500ml Comp B for 2 coats over 10m2.

You will need a roller which is suitable for solvents and tray plus a clean mixing bucket and measuring jug.  Wear a filtered mask, and other personal protective equipment suitable for use with solvents. Keep areas well ventilated.

Apply Diluted Coat HydroPrimer

At this stage, the microcement surface is very absorbent, HydroPrimer is a pre-sealer that will start to make the surface waterproof so that it is less absorbent when the Polyurethane is applied, allowing them to be applied more easily.

Dilute the HydroPrimer with 50% water, this will give you more time to work with it.

Use a medium pile roller to apply the diluted coat of HydroPrimer ensuring it is completely and evenly saturated.

Saturate an area and then go back over it with the roller to iron out lines and remove any excess product.

Work quickly & randomly, keeping the edge wet.

Leave to dry.

This should take around 3 hours but may vary depending on temperature and humidity.

Apply Neat Coat HydroPrimer

Apply a neat coat of HydroPrimer in the same way that you applied the 1st coat.

Ensure you cover the full area with both coats of Hydroprimer and use the full amount provided (1l per 10m2) across the 2 coats.

Mixing MaxiPur

Mix the MaxiPur Comp A with the MaxiPur Comp B in a mixing jug and stir gently with a paint stirrer for at least a minute.  Do not whisk as it will put too much air in the mix. Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before applying.

For each coat, you will need 500ml MaxiPur Comp A + 250ml MaxiPur Comp B per 10m2.

The mixing ratio is 2 x MaxiPur Comp A : 1 x MaxiPur Comp B.

Only mix enough for 1 coat at a time, as the mixture will only last for 45 minutes once combined.

IMPORTANT: Eye Protection, Gloves, Filtering Masks, suitable for use with Solvents must be worn when working with MaxiPur

Applying the 1st Coat MaxiPur

Use a medium pile roller to apply the MaxiPur evenly across the entire area.

Starting in one corner, apply the MaxiPur in an area and then go back over it very gently with the roller to remove any excess product, air bubbles and lines.

Work quickly & randomly keeping the edge wet.

Ensure you cover the full area with MaxiPur and use the full amount provided (500ml+2500ml per 10m2 for each coat).

Leave to Dry

Leave the 1st coat to dry for a minimum of 12 hours before applying the 2nd coat.

Applying the 2nd Coat MaxiPur

After 12 hours, you can complete the 2nd coat of MaxiPur.  Check the surface for bits of dust and debris that may have settled in it.  You can use a 400 grit sanding disc or razor scraper to remove these before applying your final coat.

Mix and apply the 2nd coat in exactly the same way that you did the 1st one.

Again, you will need 500ml MaxiPur Comp A & 250ml MaxiPur Comp B to complete 1 coat over 10m2.

Leave to Dry

Leave for at least 48 hours. Light use only for the first 14 days.

IMPORTANT: Like all cementitious products, microcement takes 28 days to full harden. It’s at it’s softest for the first 14 days after laying. During this time it should only be subjected to light use and light foot traffic.

Any heavy work is not recommended, but if it does take place then we recommend that you cover the floor with a breathable material or only cover down whilst working & lift the protection off for the majority of the time. The surface needs to dry out and harden. If airflow is restricted, it will stain & not cure correctly.