Applying Craquecem Primer & Craquecem

Follow the directions below to apply the Craquecem.  The colour has been added to the tub for you.

Standard consumption forCraquecem is 5kg for 10m2, one coat.  The pot life of Craquecem is unlimited, so you can take your time applying it.

You will need a microcement mixer and a flexible trowel.

Applying Craquecem Primer

Use a medium pile microfibre roller to liberally apply Craquecem Primer to the surface of your wall.

Make sure you apply it thickly – using the full consumption (2l per 10m2)  If you don’t get enough down, your wall won’t crack and you’ll have to start over.

Leave to Dry

Leave the wall to dry for not much longer than an hour.  As soon as it turns from wet to rubbery, you’re good to go with the next step.

Please note, drying times can vary quite significantly depending on the temperature, ventilation and type of substrate.  So check to see if the primer is still wet by touching it before you apply the Craquecem.

Mixing the Craquecem

This is pre-mixed with the colour in the tub, all you need to do is give it a mix before you start to loosen it.

To loosen the mix, mix thoroughly with a microcement mixer head attachment on a cordless drill.  If it still feels stiff, you can add up to 10% water to loosen & mix further.  That’s a maximum of 1l per 10kg.

Let the mixture rest for a few minutes before applying.

Applying the Craquecem

Using a Microcement Trowel, work your way out from one corner creating a random edge pattern. Keep trowel movements small and random, avoid long sweeping arches – as these will show through to your final finish.

Trowel it gently at a depth of around 1.5mm – 3mm.  Bear in mind that the thinner the coat, the closer together the cracks will be, so for more spread out cracks, apply the Craquecem a little thicker.

Gently smooth any ridges in the microcement out before leaving it to dry.

Leave to Dry

Leave the Craquecem to dry for at least 12 hours before sanding & sealing.

Sand with 220/240 Grit Silicone Carbide Sand Paper

Gently & evenly sand the surface of the microcement with a 220 or 240 grit paper to remove any rough patches and drips. It should be flat from the trowel so you shouldn’t need to sand it too much at this stage.

We stock a range of Microcement Sanding Discs on our website.